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Build yourself up in the faith

Building yourself in your most holy faith requires that you study the word of God to increase your faith because faith comes by hearing the word of God (Rom. 10:17). Your faith grows as you get to know, understand and obey the revealed word of God resulting in the flow of divine power. Therefore add […]

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Pray in the Holy Spirit

When you pray in the Spirit you will be praying under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. This can be achieved by either praying in a language you understand and in line with God’s word or by praying in unknown tongues (may not be understood by you) as inspired by the Holy Spirit or both […]

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Wait in expectation of the salvation to be revealed

The second coming of Christ is nearer than it was first pronounced. Jesus is coming soon and all who are waiting and expecting his coming do not live their lives anyhow. They live to please the one who died and shed his blood for them. Are you hoping in the salvation that is to be […]

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